Our story began in the Summer of 2013. It all began with Matt messaging Courtney on Match.com. If you know anything about Match.com, she was one of his daily matches. Whoever wrote that algorithm is a genius. Although the distance made Courtney skeptical, the two of us exchanged texts and a few phone chats as we felt each other out. What followed was three stand-up dates by Courtney, which made for a very grumpy Matt. After about a month of not talking to his no-show interest, as they always do, the man came crawling back.

Courtney finally agreed to meet Matt at Six Flags for their first date. Rather adventurous, in hindsight, since it's very difficult to bail on a date at an amusement park. It went well! It went so well that after our first date, we both knew we were special to each other. Once you know, you know. About six months into dating, we decided to bridge the physical gap and take the plunge into apartment living. Our first apartment was in Bloomfield, New Jersey at the swanky Parkway Lofts.

It was during our apartment-dwelling days that Matt began planning an engagement. Courtney was working at New Roberto Clemente in Paterson and was involved in planning field trips. Matt had been forming a secret plan to ask Courtney to marry him that Fall at Six Flags on the Sky Ride...the same place they shared their first kiss. Lo and behold! Where does Courtney plan to take her students for their field trip? Six Flags.

Matt, now panic-stricken at losing three months of planning, flew into action. He actually picked up the finished ring in Delaware the day before the trip! Matt even let in some of Courtney's friends on the surprise, because Courtney always said, "Whenever you do it...just make sure I have my nails done."

The big day came, and Matt popped the ring out of its secret hiding spot (a Mentos Gum container) and onto Courtney's finger. She said, "yes". Matt treated Courtney's entire group to chicken nuggets and pizza, which at Six Flags, pretty much costs the same as surf and turf. It was really a fantastic day.

Since then, we have settled in Blairstown, New Jersey. Although it's not where we expected to live, it's a perfect distance between our two families and a really nice change of pace from busy Northeast Jersey. We love our home and we can't wait to share our special day here with everyone we love.

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